I was a very active child. My mother could not get me to sit long enough to even comb my hair. But she quickly learned that if she put art materials in front of me she would have hours to herself, at which point, we both knew that art was my passion. My extensive backpacking journeys through South East Asia and South America have opened my eyes to worlds filled with magnificent cultures, ancient art techniques, and incredible adventures which have ultimately found a home on my canvas. The creative aspect of my studio arts degree, the functional elements of my interior design degree, and my innate desire to travel, design, and explore nature have molded me into the multifaceted artist I am today.

My most recent series is an observation of my life’s direction and lifestyle choices. My artwork challenges me to slow down in both a physical and conceptual manner which counters my otherwise whimsical and unrestricted personality. I gravitate to the use of nature as my primary medium and relish in the process of finding my “canvas” and allowing it to inform the final concept. I incorporate that same inherent respect for nature, sustainability and healthy homes into my interior design/architecture projects as well.